Rebalancing is a term mostly used in association to the management of liquid assets that make up a portfolio.

Hedge fund managers, including those managing the financial assets of insurance companies, typically state upfront to their stakeholders what is the allocation of funds to particular classes of assets.

Investors who put up their own capital into these funds will need to know the details of these allocations so that have the knowledge of where their funds are going to. read more

COVID 19 Coronavirus Insurance Coverage

As the grave magnitude of COVID19 became clearer, insurers in Singapore have been quick to conceptualize insurance coverage for local residents.

These quick actions don’t just showcase that they are efficient enough to create appropriate policies for their customers, but also help to induce a calm state of mind and alleviate stress of customers.

Some insurers have offered free insurance policies specific to COVID-19 infections and conditions. Some provide them as a complimentary coverage for existing customers under certain policies. And some offer cheaper policies concerning the coronavirus that requires premiums to be paid immediately. read more

DBS/Chubb COVID-19 Hospital Cash insurance policy

The Covid-19 Hospital Cash insurance policy is a cash benefit plan jointly offered by DBS and Chubb to address the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic threat that has infiltrated over 150 countries.

It is offered for free to existing DBS/POSB customers who expressly sign up for it via their channels including the online portal.

Eligible customers are Singapore residents who are aged 18 and above. This implies that anyone with a local residential address would be eligible as long as they have an account of any sort with the bank, and meets the age criteria. read more

Force Majeure

A force majeure clause in a contract releases a party of non-performance liability due to the occurrence of events that cannot be reasonably predicted.

This can be like a “get-out” clause that releases the non-performing party from being in breach of contract.

Force majeure itelf is a term that refers to unavoidable and unpredictable causes of failure in performance. read more

Flight To Quality

Flight to quality describes the movement of capital from risky investments to assets that are considered less risky with safer yield.

It is sometimes also known as flight-to-safety.

This can occur when fund managers for example, find that the current volatility in the market is too unpredictable to invest with a comfortable level of certainty. read more

Field Staff

Field staff is a term that refers to employees of a company whose main job scope is performed outside the premises of the office.

This does not mean that they don’t have workstations or a place in the office. It just means that they spend most of their working hours or the gist of what they do, is done outside it.

The terms originates from farms where field workers do their work in the field harvesting crops. read more

Family Branding

Family branding refers to the marketing strategy where a company uses it’s main brand on other merchandise belonging to the same or other product categories.

The purpose of such branding strategy is to give new products lines more perceived recognition and credibility as the main company brand is well-known by consumers.

If a company name or logo has great brand equity it make economic sense to ride on the goodwill that it commands as a platform to launch new products. read more