Eager Beaver

An eager beaver is a term that describes someone who is enthusiastic and puts in a lot of work with a goal of achieving success.

This is a reference to the beaver which is an animal that is constantly hard at work in building dams.

He or she would be the person who always turn up early because he just cannot wait for the day to be start.

The first person to volunteer to take up tasks, the first student to raise his hands when the teacher asks a question, and would not hesitate to put in that extra shift just so to get things done.

Eager beavers can play an important role in shaping the corporate culture in organizations, and managers should be careful with how they use them in view of burnout.

While many entrepreneur can often display such personal qualities, not all eager beavers would turn out to be successful business people.

This is because business success is not just about hard work.

However, when one is optimistic and energetic, the odds of success is generally higher than a low-energy person.

It should be noted that being positive and hardworking is not the same as being competent.

Eager beavers can be great in sales positions as their enthusiasm and conviction of the products and services they pitch can be contagious.

But do be mindful that this energy can often be even more valuable in nurturing staff morale internally.


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