Itinerant Worker

An itinerant worker is a term that describes someone who moves from job to job depending on where the demand for his labour is required.

By definition, they have no residential address. And thus, no permanent place of residence.

This is partly why they are generally associated with moving from place to place to seek work.

Itinerant workers usually see the highest demand in industries where manual labour plays a major role in the operations.

There is little job security and they are not full-time employees and would only be given jobs when their services are required.

But in order to attract such workers to work for them, companies often provide temporary accommodation so that they can have peace of mind and a proper place to rest which can affect their ability to perform their duties competently.

Tracking the income of itinerant workers can be challenging as employers often pay them by cash and treat these costs as miscellaneous expense.

Reducing the number of itinerant workers is often a goal of governments as it is seen as an indirect indication of bringing the population out of poverty.

It must be added that with the ease of which travelling around the world has become, many people voluntarily work as itinerant employees as they travel.

This can be especially attractive to young adults eager to see the world. And many blog about their adventures too.

They usually move from one country to another and spend a few months in each city. They then work as waiters or other types of services to earn an income to cover their travel expenses.

There is a rising trend of such itinerant worker profiles.

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