A waybill is a document issued by a carrier that accompanies the shipment of goods, providing details of the products and instructions of delivery.

The way bill typically follows the product all the way from packing to delivery.

It can contain information such as:

  • Shipper name and address
  • Consignee name and address
  • Carrier name and address
  • Carrier agent account number
  • Place of departure
  • Destination
  • Item list
  • Item value
  • Handling information and instructions
  • Gross weight of package
  • Different charges
  • etc

The details on the way bill can play an important role in the efficient shipment of the item(s) from one location to another. Especially when it’s international shipping.

It is very similar to the courier receipt which a customer receives when receiving the item.

Truncated waybills might result in problems clearing customs.

Variations might apply with different types of shipping methods.

Shipments by air can use something called an air waybill. In this case the flight number and airport might be indicated.

Shipments by sea can use paperwork labeled a sea waybill.



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