Anti-Dilution Provisions

Anti-dilution provisions are contractual terms written into contracts that are meant as measures to protect an investor’s interest in the event of issuing new shares in the company. These rights

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Rebalancing is a term mostly used in association to the management of liquid assets that make up a portfolio. Hedge fund managers, including those managing the financial assets of insurance

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Flight To Quality

Flight to quality describes the movement of capital from risky investments to assets that are considered less risky with safer yield. It is sometimes also known as flight-to-safety. This can

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Fairness Opinion

A fairness opinion is a third party assessment report on the financial aspects of a merger, takeover or buyout, to ascertain whether the deal is made at a fair price.

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EXIM bank is a short form for an export-import bank that provides financial services to facilitate trade activities between different countries. The goal of such financial institutions is to equip

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Furniture Loan

A furniture loan is a debt structured as a term loan that enables a borrower to purchase furniture and furnishing products for the home or office. Also known as furniture

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Imputed Income

Imputed income refers to the income that a taxpayer obtains from consuming his own services. For example, when a homeowner constructs his own custom-built cabinet for the kitchen instead of

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