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Incontestable Clause

An incontestable clause is a term usually found in life policies stating a period of time which when passed, will prevent the insurer from voiding the contract for reasons originating

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Force Majeure

A force majeure clause in a contract releases a party of non-performance liability due to the occurrence of events that cannot be reasonably predicted. This can be like a “get-out”

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Flight To Quality

Flight to quality describes the movement of capital from risky investments to assets that are considered less risky with safer yield. It is sometimes also known as flight-to-safety. This can

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Fixed Benefits

Fixed benefits refer to fixed amounts of cash payments made to beneficiaries during a specified period of time on a regular basis. The payment amount is stated in the insurance

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Field Staff

Field staff is a term that refers to employees of a company whose main job scope is performed outside the premises of the office. This does not mean that they

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Family Branding

Family branding refers to the marketing strategy where a company uses it’s main brand on other merchandise belonging to the same or other product categories. The purpose of such branding

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Fairness Opinion

A fairness opinion is a third party assessment report on the financial aspects of a merger, takeover or buyout, to ascertain whether the deal is made at a fair price.

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EXIM bank is a short form for an export-import bank that provides financial services to facilitate trade activities between different countries. The goal of such financial institutions is to equip

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