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Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances refer to unusual reasons preventing plans from being carried out and should therefore be forgivable. Being unable to complete projects on a time due to extenuating factors for

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Employment At Will

Employment at will refers to manpower regulations that give employers the right to terminate or retain employees at it sees fit. This means that if an employer decides that a

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Eager Beaver

An eager beaver is a term that describes someone who is enthusiastic and puts in a lot of work with a goal of achieving success. This is a reference to

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Durable Goods

Durable goods refer to a categorization of products that can be used repeatedly over a long period of time unlike perishable goods. Also known simply as durables, it mostly refers

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Double Time

Double time is a casual term that refers to the hours that someone works and be paid twice what he or she usually earned per hour. Double time pay usually

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Dollar Drain

Dollar drain is a term that describes the trade deficit a country has against the United States when imports from the US exceeds the exports to it. As the US

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In business language, to dun is to request payment from another party for debts that are outstanding way beyond the due date. Dun can also refer to the person who

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Furniture Loan

A furniture loan is a debt structured as a term loan that enables a borrower to purchase furniture and furnishing products for the home or office. Also known as furniture

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