An abandonment is a voluntary surrender or termination of home ownership with no clear indication regarding the next or new owner would be.

This can sometimes happen when a property owner “disappears” for a prolonged period of time. And efforts to contact or trace the owner is futile.

Family members then come forward to claim the property, maybe with an inheritance claim.

Abandonment is not the same with neglect. Confusion tend to be made between the two.

Examples of abandonment include:

  • Easements reverting to landowner
  • Leasehold property reverting to landlord
  • Real estate escheating to the government

In order for a property to be officially abandoned, a proper legal process has to be undertaken where evidence of an intention to abandon is presented.

Ownership of abandoned property are generally transferred to a third party, sometimes a family member, who has a prior claim to it.

Otherwise, intestate laws might takeover.

A surrender of property however, usually requires a third party to accept the property.

In Singapore where any property or land is valuable, cases of abandonment are few and far between. Some people might even think that it’s near impossible considering how valuable real estate is in Singapore.

But these things do happen from time to time.

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