Demolition in real estate refers to the destruction and removal of a whole structure or part of it from a site.

This is an absolutely necessary step that has to be taken before a new building can be erected to replace an old one.

While the term demolition can often paint the pictures of wrecking balls and explosives pulling down buildings in our minds, that is not how demotion works are conducted in Singapore.

Building structures are typically torn down floor by floor by demolition companies starting from the higher level. And slowly working their way downwards using concrete breakers and crushers.

While the tasks with demolition can be generally quick, the bulk of the time is spent on the removal and disposal of debris from the premises.

This is especially so with smaller jobs concerning reinstatement.

Should the structure consist of materials that contractors deem valuable, then they might offer a more attractive quote in view of the material which they can salvage from the worksite.

Before any works can commence, pre-demolition surveys has to be carried out so that a careful demolition plan can be conceptualized to minimize any safety hazards and maximize efficiency.

When the site is very close to residential areas for example, temporary noise control barrier or noise reduction net can be set up around the perimeters to reduce noise pollution that causes inconvenience to the residents living in the area.

The works must then be carried out in accordance to the provisions that are stated in the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

It goes without saying that a building owner should engage the services of contractors registered with BCA to ensure that all the legal requirements of undertaking such projects comply with regulations.

Demolition costs

The costs of demolition services is not just a particular concern of new property owners who have new building works planned for a site.

It is also of interest to insurers.

This is because when insurance companies underwrite property insurance, they need to calculate an estimation of the replacement cost of the property in question.

The figure that is determined goes a long way towards calculating an amount of coverage that is sufficient to satisfy a client, but not too high to encourage abuse and fraud.

Consider that should a house, apartment or building suffer total loss, then it might have to be demolished before a new property can be built as the replacement.

These expenses would have to be included in replacement costs.

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