Unblocked View

Unblock view usually refers to high-rise apartments with window views that are not blocked by any taller buildings.

Unblocked view is a common buzzword used by home owners and real estate agents to market the properties they are trying to sell.

Because there is no authority that defines what constitutes to an unblock view, sometimes agents can be observed to be seriously pushing the limits of imagination to what is an unblocked view by adverting an apartment as such when any reasonable person would obviously deem it otherwise.

Most home buyers will find this feature in a house as desirable and would find it fair that a premium is paid for such a feature.

Most people would probably prefer a great scenery in the living room window instead of looking into the kitchen of a neighbor’s house.

When we consider that Singapore is densely packed with tall buildings, a great unblock view can be even more scarce and valued.

This is one reason why the most expensive apartment homes are often the ones that are situated on a high level of a building.

When buying an apartment unit, it is also often the case where the higher the unit is located, the higher the price would partly be because of the view.

For example an apartment orientated to face the sea or waterfront can be assumed to be valuable. But when it has a blocked view that restricts it’s view of the sea, the price of the unit is unlikely to hit a premium level.

And if a home buyer has a choice between an unblocked view and a view into someone else’s kitchen, the former would probably be the preferred choice assuming everything else being equal.

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