Writ Of Execution

A writ of execution is a court order to enforce a judgment of possession.

A writ of execution is usually issued for officials to legally take possession of property belonging to a debtor in order to liquidate it as payment to a plaintiff.

These circumstances arise when people refuse to take action on the judgments against them.

For example, a party has been ordered to take specific steps towards the satisfaction of an outstanding debt. Usually regarding the transfer of property, cash or assets. But nothing has been done after a specified time frame.

The writ of execution would then allow officials to take the required actions instead.

It would be time consuming, but the end results would be achieved nevertheless.

However, this might be unnecessary if the debtor has the funds to repay the debt.

In this case, sometimes a freeze is put on the defendant’s property title to prevent a sale until the debt is repaid. Otherwise the possession will take place.



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